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icv Internationaler Chorleiterverband

The ICV / ICA is a professional association that represents the interests of its members, including principal, minor and honorary choral directors of all choirs.

The association, founded in August 1992, has its headquarters and main field of activity in Germany, but considers itself a national and international forum of interested choral directors. In addition, it serves as a platform for the promotion of choral music and as a contact point for organizations, associations, music publishers and choirs. The ICV facilitates the exchange of experiences in all fields specific to the profession and initiates and encourages the dissemination of international choral literature. Composers have the opportunity to present their work at seminars, workshops or reading sessions. Choral music publishers will find competent contacts. ICV is increasingly seeking international contacts with choirs and conductors, which are available to all members. The honorary members are Eric Ericson (Sweden) and Hermannjosef Roosen (Germany). Contact between ICV members is encouraged.